Top 10 Most Likely to Die in Infinity War

I’m definitely on a Marvel kick right now after Guardians 2, and with Infinity War fast approaching in a year, the climax to the first three phases of the MCU will definitely be a ferocious one with an extreme fallout.

If you have no idea who Thanos is, I’ll just keep it simple and say he’s very bad, hellbent on destroying everything, and is literally in love with Death.

And with the most dangerous villain in the MCU finally coming to fruition, there will be a lot of people not surviving this movie, so let’s take a look at the top 10 most likely to not survive Infinity War, plus my probability of them dying that’s fully guessing and not mathematically sound at all.

Please note this is only spoilers if I’m right, and I’m completely guessing.  But probably spoilers on a few of these.  And definitely spoilers if you’re not caught up with the MCU. Unless I’m wrong about everything here, which would be an impressive failure.

#10: Thor: 5%


The OG’s of the MCU are not safe, so you may want to get that idea that they won’t kill the original four out of your head and start preparing yourself.   Now a lot of people are thinking Thor will die because his contract isn’t renewed past Infinity War, but trust me, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Could Thor die?  Absolutely, which is why he’s making this list.  But I think it’s more likely that Odin will die, and another character we’ll see higher on this list, and Thor will return to Asgard when this is all over to be the ruler and protector.

#9: Thanos: 20%


Yes, I do think the probability of Thanos actually dying is very small, but it’s obvously possible, so it’s making the list.  “How can a villain who is trying to kill everyone not going to die?” You may ask.  Well here’s why:

Here’s my prediction.  Death will kill Thanos.  Meaning sort of die but not fully die.  Adam Warlock is coming in Guardians 3, and no one has a better storyline with Thanos than Warlock.  It’s bound to happen that these two will face off at some point in time, and I think it’s very likely we get a pre-Yondu MCU death with Thanos where he ‘dies’ and comes back in a future movie.

But this list is dead-dead.

#8: Heimdall: 35%

c37-heimdall_front view_07.jpg

I love Idris Elba.  Top 5 favorite actors.  And he’s so low on this list not because I think he won’t die, it’s because I think he’ll die in Thor: Ragnarok.  However, if he doesn’t die in Ragnarok, he’ll definitely die here.

In all likelihood, Hera is going to kill Heimdall to get to Asgard.  However, it is possible he’ll just get banished somewhere or something like that since he’s very difficult to fully kill.  However, Hera is strong as hell, but not Thanos strong, and if Hera doesn’t fully kill him, Thanos definitely will to be able to pass through galaxies and in to Asgard to get the Tesseract.

And let’s be real, Thanos will get all of the infinity stones, so he’ll have to get in to Asgard, so if Heimdall survives Ragnarok, don’t bank on him surviving Infinity War.

#7: Drax the Destroyer: 40%


The most lovably, honest murderer ever, there’s definitely a scenario where Drax does not survive this.  It’s no secret that his bloodlust comes before his logic, and there’s a good chance that he’ll try and kill the murderer of his family without fully thinking it through.

His number one goal is to kill Thanos, and there very well could be a scenario where he sacrifices himself to protect the Guardians by trying to kill Thanos, which symbolically would be a smart move from the Russos because it would be him sacrificing himself for his new family, and reuniting with his old.  It’d honestly be a beautiful death for the character.

However, I think there’s a second scenario….

#6: Nebula: 60%


I think there’s a second scenario where Nebula redeems herself and sacrifices herself for the Guardians and save Drax.

Drax and Nebula are both going to recklessly try and kill Thanos, it’s just going to happen.  Drax wants revenge and Nebula has the worst daddy issues ever.  And honestly, no one deserves to defeat Thanos more than Nebula, but she won’t.  She just can’t alone.

It’d be great if Drax and Nebula both survive Infinity War, but I don’t see that being very likely.  Nebula’s main mission in life after making up with Gamora, the worst sister ever, is to kill her impressively abusive father, and it feels that she has no problem sacrificing her own life to achieve that.


#5: Loki: 75%


Thanos is going to be pretty pissed at Loki.  He impressively screwed up the events of The Avengers and Thanos isn’t the most ‘second-chance’ kind of guy.   While it’s possible Loki dies in Ragnarok, I think it’s more likely that Thanos kills the hell out of Loki.

Unless, Loki joins up with the good guys and tries to work with them to kill Thanos, probably with the intention of getting the Infinity Gauntlet and betraying them, but nevertheless teaming up with the Avengers.

But we may get a redemptive sacrifice, where Loki actually does die trying to save Thor, and that’d be a beautiful death for the best antagonist in the MCU thus far.

#4: Iron Man: 80%


What would be the best way for Thanos to stand out amongst the other villains of the MCU?  Kill the leader of the MCU.   We’ve entered a territory with Loki where I think it’s very likely that everyone from here on out will die.

It would be truly jarring for Thanos to kill Iron Man, and it would also give Zemo’s plan of destroying Stark more power and purpose, since his “Did it?” reply of being told his plan failed seems odd right now.  I personally think Civil War served to set up the death of Iron Man, and his earth-shattering death would be a brilliant move for Infinity War.

Plus, Marvel Studios would save a boatload of money by killing RDJ.

#3: Nick Fury: 90%


Nick comes pretty close to dying in everything he appears in, and I think this one will pretty much solidify it.  I see the opposite of Heroes being the inspiration for Thanos killing Fury: “Kill the Leader, Kill the World.”

Here’s how I see this playing out: Samuel L Jackson plays himself in a Pulp Fictionesque monologue moment with Thanos, before Thanos kills the hell out of him in front of the team to their horror.

It’d be a powerful death, plus giving Samuel L Jackson the badass final word that he must have.  We’ve seem Sam die so many times, and it’s usually after a badass monologue.  I just don’t see him surviving this movie.

#2: Captain America: 95%


Regardless of what you hear Chris Evans or anyone else say, Cap is gonna die.  Everything has been set up for the moment.  Bucky is back, Winter Soldier is now good, and the Captain America trilogy is complete.

There’s no way that Steve survives this movie.  Bucky is going to take the realms of Captain America.  If you’re a fan of the comics, you know it’s going to happen, and when it didn’t happen in Civil War like it did in the book, it honestly surprised me.  But his time has come, don’t get excited to see more of Chris Evans after this.

I’m guessing he’ll probably die trying to protect Stark, which would be about as emotional of a demise as you could imagine, leading to Tony getting super emotional and later die sacrificing himself to kill Thanos.  Or flip that, it really could be the complete opposite.

Moral is: Winter Soldier will be Captain America by the end of this movie.

#1: Vision: 100%

615300.jpg This isn’t really a, “I think he may die.”

He’s going to die.  Vision literally has an infinity stone in his head keeping him alive, that Thanos is going to rip out of his head to complete the gauntlet.   It’s going to be probably about an hour in to the movie, Scarlet Witch is going to lose her shit, and it’ll be emotional, but it’s going to happen.   I guarantee it.

There’s literally no scenario of this movie that Vision survives.  If I’m wrong, come find me and punch me in the face, but he’s going to die.  The good news is that he’ll probably do something really badass and make-out with Scarlet Witch in that first hour of the movie, just to make sure we’re really sad when he is super killed.

Are you as excited for Infinity War as I am?  Think I’m super wrong?  Let me know!

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